Chesterfield Tub Chairs

Smaller than traditional Chesterfield chairs, the Chesterfield tub chair is fantastic for those that want the style and luxury of Chesterfield but don't have much space, or want a comfortable chair that can easily be stored away. Available in 2 traditional colours, the Chesterfield tub chair collection will complement a variety of surroundings.

Buy Leather Chesterfield Tub Chairs Online

Upholstered in the finest leather, Chesterfield tub chairs offer the high standards of quality and luxury you would expect from a worldwide renowned name. At CLS our Chesterfield tub chairs are available to buy online for fantastic prices so

Quality Chesterfield Tub Chairs

At CLS we take pride in every Chesterfield chair we manufacture. Each Chesterfield tub chair is built by skilled craftsmen and upholstered in the finest leather to ensure the highest standards of quality.

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